• Image of Laundry Detergent container label - vinyl decal
  • Image of Laundry Detergent container label - vinyl decal

LAUNDRY DETERGENT Vinyl Decal. Decorate a plain glass jar or canister with this easy-to-apply vinyl decal sticker. The laundry decal is an original design (not clipart!) and has a farmhouse feel and a retro vibe. The letters and the border stripe are cutout details which will show the surface color the decal is applied to. This vinyl decal will stick to many smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, metal and finished wood.

- measures 6 x 4 inches
- matte or gloss vinyl
- black or white
- decal is shipped flat
- one time use decal
- transfer tape applied to decal
- instructions included
- test decal included
- decal only, jar not included

• experienced designer
• long time seller on Etsy
• consistent 5 star reviews
• made in the U.S.A.


  • matte black
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  • white
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  • gloss black
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  • gloss white
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