Fruit & Veggie Stickers

Adorable fruit shaped mini stickers.
View all apple decals apple stickers apples avocado decals avocado lover avocado oil stickers avocado stickers back to school craft back to school stickers banana banana sticker bananas beer mug stickers blueberries blueberry stickers bullet journal bullet journal labels bullet journal stickers calendar calendar decals calendar stickers citrus fruit citrus fruit stickers daily calendar daily planner daily planner stickers drink station decals drink station stickers eggplant eggplant decals eggplant stickers envelope seals fairy dust decals fruit fruit decals fruit salad stickers fruit slice stickers fruit stickers garden markers glitter pear decal glitter pear sticker glitter sticker sheet glitter stickers green apple decals green apple sticker sheet green apple stickers green apples green avocado stickers green lime decals green lime stickers healthy eating healthy eating stickers holographic vinyl kids stickers lemon lemon slices lemon water stickers lemonade stickers lemons lime decals lime slice stickers lime slices lime stickers meal planning mini avocados mini banana stickers mini blueberry decals mini lemon stickers mini lemons mini lime decals mini lime stickers mini limes mini pears mini stickers mini strawberry stickers mini vegetables mini veggie decals mini watermelon slice stickers monthly calendar monthly planner orange orange juice stcikers orange slice decals orange slice stickers orange_decals orange_slice_decal orange_slice_sticker oranges pear pear decals pear sticker pear stickers pear vinyl decal pears peel and stick peel_and_stick pineapple decals pineapple juice sticker pineapple smoothie sticker pineapples planner decals planner sticker set planner stickers planner_stickers preppy pineapples purple eggplant purple eggplant stickers red apple decals red apple stickers red glitter apples red strawberries red strawberry small apple stickers small avocado stickers small banana decal small fruit stickers small pineapples small_stickers smoothie decals smoothie sticker smoothie stickers smoothie_sticker sorority stickers sticker sheet strawberry strawberry decals strawberry stickers summer fruit stickers summer_fruit_decal teacher stickers tiny apple stickers tiny fruit slices tiny pears tiny pineapple stickers tiny strawberry decals tropical fruit decals tropical fruit stickers tropicsl fruit stickers tumbler decals tumbler stickers tumbler_stickers vegetable garden veggie markers water water bottle decals water bottle stickers water_bottle_decals watermelon decals watermelon stickers waterproof waterproof decals waterproof stickers waterproof_stickers wedding decals weekly planner wine glass decals wine glass stickers yellow yellow banana yellow glitter pineapples yellow lemon decals yellow lemon stickers yellow lemons yellow pear stickers yellow pineapples

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