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Daisy Stickers - small

Daisy Stickers - small

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Add a touch of springtime charm to your everyday items with these adorable daisy flower glitter stickers! Set of 40 daisy bloom stickers feature a classic flower design made from shimmering glitter vinyl for an extra pop of sparkle. These stickers are perfect for anyone who loves flowers, nature, or simply wants to add a bit of color and personality to their belongings. Each sticker is petite in size, making them perfect for adding a touch of floral flair to small spaces, such as greeting cards, notebooks, or planners. With their adhesive backing, these stickers are easy to apply and will adhere securely to most surfaces. Whether you're a fan of DIY projects, scrapbooking, or simply love to decorate, these small daffodil flower glitter stickers are a wonderful addition to any crafting collection!

• SHAPE: daisy flower
• SIZE: each bloom .75" x .75"
• COLORS: white, yellow
• DETAIL : silver outline
• MATERIAL: adhesive vinyl
• COUNT: 40 flowers per order

All sticker orders are shipped flat in a rigid cardboard mailer. Sticker sheets are inserted into a protective plastic bag. All orders are mailed first class. 

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