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Evil Eye Keychain, retro motel style

Evil Eye Keychain, retro motel style

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Introducing the enchanting "Blue Evil Eye" keychain – a captivating accessory that effortlessly fuses nostalgic charm with a contemporary twist. This keychain is a true embodiment of uniqueness and style, designed to catch the eye and make a statement. The keychain has a retro-style shape, reminiscent of the timeless aesthetics found in vintage motels and classic road trips.

• Double-sided (same design on both sides)
• Approx. 3.5" tall x 2" wide (plus keyring)
• Retro style shape, black plastic
• Silver keyring attached

The centerpiece of this keychain is the mesmerizing blue evil eye, adorned with an exquisite array of sparkling gold lashes that catch and reflect the light. This symbolic motif has transcended cultures for generations, representing protection and guarding against negative energies.

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