White Glitter, iridescent chunky glitter for epoxy resin tumbler craft, bag or bottle, White Opal

Fairy Dust Decals


WHITE OPAL - chunky iridescent polyester white glitter. Glitter shows pink, peach, white and green at different angles. Best when used with a white base. High quality polyester glitter that can be used on tumblers, resin art projects, crafts, paintings and more!

- Chunky iridescent white glitter
- Hexagon shaped.
- packed by weight.
- plastic shaker bottle or bag.
- Polyester glitter (not craft glitter).
- UV and solvent resistant.
- Non-toxic, do not consume.
- not for cosmetic use on eyes.
- used with resin, glue and epoxy.
- made in the USA.

DISCLAIMER: Screen settings on smartphones and computer monitors may change glitter color appearance. Project results may vary based on the solvents, chemicals, materials, technique and environmental factors you are using. Glitter test is suggested before using on project.

WARNING: Craft glitter is a choking hazard that contains small parts. Glitter is not intended for children under 3 years old. The glitter is not edible and not for cosmetic use on eyes or face. Glitter may be used in hair or for nail art.