Fairy Dust Decals works its magic from our enchanting studio located in Groveland, Massachusetts, conjuring up spellbinding designs, crafting each glitter sticker and vinyl decal with care, and sending them off on whimsical adventures to their new homes!

Jewel Stickers

Gorgeous sparkly birthstone jewel stickers available in a variety of colors and shapes. Choose from a selection of birthstone jewel stickers, each designed with intricate details and available in various shapes.

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  • Rainbow


    Variety of sticker shapes available in sparkle and glitter rainbow vinyl.  

  • Pink


    If you love everything PINK, check out my selection of pink themed... 

  • Red


    For those who adore the color red, this section is a must-see!... 

  • Orange


    A range of stickers is available in orange glitter.  

  • Yellow


    For those who adore the color yellow, here's a selection of stickers... 

  • Green


    A selection of green glitter stickers.  

  • Turquoise


    Gorgeous teal/turquoise glitter stickers available in a variety of shapes. 

  • Blue


    An assortment of blue stickers and decals in various shapes.  

  • Purple


    A variety of stickers for those who adore the color purple. 

  • Pastels


    Gorgeous soft pastel stickers with a silver or gold outline. Variety of... 


Greetings! My name is Suzanne, and I am the proud owner of Fairy Dust Decals which opened in 2009. As a trusted provider of vinyl decals and stickers in various shapes, sizes, and colors, my goal is to help you organize your home, office, classroom, or small business with our exceptional made-to-order decals. I am committed to helping you bring your vision to life and adding a touch of enchantment to your surroundings.

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