Bumblebee Stickers

Bumblebee glitter stickers by Fairy Dust Decals

Fairy Dust Decals

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CUTE BUMBLEBEE STICKERS. My cute bumblebee design made into a smaller size. No transfer tape needed, no clear overlay, just the glitter bees! The stickers are made from adhesive vinyl, not foiled, not printed from a laser or inkjet machine. Waterproof and will not fade or peel. The stickers will adhere to paper, cardboard, signs, planners, soap dispenser bottles, cars, cups, envelope seals, scrapbooking, phone cases, laptops, skinny tumblers, hydro flasks, keychains, coffee mugs, plastic, metal, glass, painted wood and many more smooth surfaces. Suggestion: lift the small stickers off the sheet with a fingernail, blade or weeding tool.

  • SIZE: 3/4"H x 1"W each bee
  • SHAPE: bumblebee
  • MATERIAL: glitter vinyl
  • COLORS: black, white & yellow
  • COUNT: choose amount

All orders are shipped in either cardboard or bubble mailers, not plain paper envelopes. Sticker sheets are inserted into a protective plastic bag. All orders are mailed first class with tracking.