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Elf Hats Stickers, pink

Elf Hats Stickers, pink

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PINK ELF HATS STICKER SHEETS are the perfect way to get ready for the holidays! These classic Christmas Elf hat glitter stickers come in a sheet of 21 peel and stick sparkly elf hats, perfect for adding festive flair to cards, gift tags, and party decorations.

Made from high-quality vinyl, these stickers are not printed, ensuring that they will stick securely to any smooth surface, including paper, cardboard, and even glass. With no transfer tape needed, these little sparkly hats are a breeze to use!

Be sure to handwash any stickers applied to drinkware, and don`t worry about shedding glitter - these stickers are smooth and won`t make a mess. Each hat measures 3/4'H x .85'W

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