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Candy Corn Stickers

Candy Corn Stickers

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Halloween Candy Corn Stickers. Set of 50 of the classic white, orange and yellow candy. Love them or hate them, the candy design screams Halloween. No transfer tape needed, just the cute candy stickers. The stickers are cut from adhesive vinyl and assembled by me. The stickers will adhere to plastic party drink cups, paper, cardboard, signs, planners, envelopes, scrapbooks, phone cases, laptops, headphones, notecards, place cards, ornaments, keychains, plastic, metal, glass, painted wood and many more smooth surfaces. Any sticker that is applied to drinkware should be handwashed, not placed in dishwasher.

  • SIZE: .50"W x .75"H
  • SHAPE: candy corn
  • MATERIAL: adhesive vinyl
  • AMOUNT: 50 stickers


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