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Hot Pink Rain Drop Stickers

Hot Pink Rain Drop Stickers

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Introducing a collection of 136 sparkly bright hot pink glitter stickers shaped like water drops, complete with a shimmering silver outline. Each drop measures approximately 1/2" in height. These stickers are made from adhesive vinyl and are perfect for decorating planners, phone cases, laptops, ornaments, badge reels, keychains, plastic, metal, glass, and painted wood. They're an ideal way to track how much water you drink or add some color to a smooth container. Plus, with no transfer tape needed, they're incredibly easy to use. Simply peel and stick!

• SIZE: each drop 1/2"H x .35"W
• AMOUNT: 136 per sheet
• SHEET SIZE: 6.5"W x 4.5"H
• COLORS: hot pink with silver
• MATERIAL: adhesive vinyl

Please note that any stickers applied to drinkware should be hand washed and not placed in the dishwasher. Despite their glittery appearance, these stickers are smooth and do not shed any glitter. We use a layered technique during the assembly process to ensure maximum sparkle.

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