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Silver Skulls Sparkly Stickers

Silver Skulls Sparkly Stickers

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Welcome, brave souls, to the realm of the mysterious and the macabre! Behold, our bewitching collection of Small Skull Stickers, lurking in the shadows, eager to add an eerie touch to your world! Each small skull, measuring just under one inch tall, is handcrafted from a mystifying blend of silver holographic glitter vinyl, with a hauntingly alluring matte black outline. Enchanting and enigmatic, these spectral stickers possess a spectral shimmer that catches the light like stars in the midnight sky.

● skull stickers
● Sizes of each = .50"W x .75"H
● choose amount
● matte black & silver glitter vinyl
● Permanent adhesive vinyl.
● Kiss-cut (peel & stick).

Whether you seek to adorn your Halloween haunts, invoke the spirits on mysterious envelopes, conjure otherworldly charms onto invitations, or record your dark secrets in forbidden journals and scrapbooks, these spine-chilling stickers are the perfect companions.

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